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Dougal Allan reflects and provides an insight into six of the most important ingredients from the process he has experienced in his pursuit of better swimming. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 25, 2019

Mindset, Swim, Training Centre, Triathlon

Overcoming Swimming Anxiety

If you experience anxiety when swimming you are not alone, it’s not uncommon for competitive swimmers and triathletes alike to experience swimming related anxiety. Fortunately, there are some strategies to help reduce and eliminate it. Here are some tips to reduce swimming anxiety. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 25, 2019

Swim, Training Centre

Set to race: Swim Sessions

It’s getting close to race week, you’re in mini-taper mode but don’t want to switch off altogether. A quality swim set is perfect as it’s going to get the heart rate cracking, the race skills up to scratch but no impact means you can stay on track for a great race. Here’s what Dan Atkins, Head Coach at Triathlon Australia’s National Performance Centre on the Gold Coast, would put you through. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 25, 2019

Bike, Run / Trail Running, Swim, Training Centre, Triathlon

What is the best way to improve my transitions and ability to run off the bike?

Often, a classic ‘newbie’ triathlete will spend so much time focussing on getting the required swim, bike and run training completed for their new sport, that transition practice is an afterthought in their preparation. When race day comes, the ensuring chaos and lack of practice can lead to many mistakes! Read More

Clock Posted Jan 23, 2019

Swim, Swim, Training Centre

Eliminating the Crossover

There are many different styles of freestyle, but one thing that’s common among fast swimmers is they don’t crossover. A ‘crossover’ is when the hand reaches across the head after entering the water. At our freestyle clinics this is the most common error we see among triathletes with typically more than half the athletes having some sort of crossover in their stroke. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 23, 2019

Aids, Swim, Swim, Swim, Triathlon

5 Steps to a faster swim leg.

Brenton Ford gives us 5 top tips to help us achieve a faster swim leg in your next triathlon. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 22, 2019

Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim, Triathlon

Three mistakes to avoid in swim workouts

For the past 11 years I’ve worked with over 1,000 swimmers and triathletes of all abilities. With athletes new to the sport, I see the same mistakes being made again and again when it comes to their workouts which are holding them back from swimming faster and improving their speed. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 22, 2019