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Discover trails in Paradise

To run where few people tread, to immerse yourself in nature both on land and underneath the water, to visit one of the world’s great natural wonders and throw in a race to boot. There’s plenty to like about the recently launched Whitsundays Tropical Trail Run Tour. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 25, 2019

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Ali's Day Out!

Coolangatta Gold is steeped in a strong and prestigious history on the Gold Coast, and is also one of the most challenging endurance races in surf sports. What began as the central theme for a motion picture 30 years ago has now commanded a place on Australia’s annual sports calendar. On October 16, 2016 the tradition continued as two worthy champions again took their place on top of the podium in the endurance event that combines swimming, running, board paddling and surf skiing. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 24, 2019

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Ragnar, the largest series of overnight trail and road running relays in the United States has officially launched in Australia with events confirmed in Sydney. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 23, 2019

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What is the best running technique?

In a world where we strive to be the very best we can, we can be fooled into believing that one particular way is the ‘the best’; because what works for one person works everyone else, right? Read More

Clock Posted Jan 23, 2019

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Troy Lum and Deb Nicholl victorious at Run Larapinta 2017

Four huge days of running over tough terrain and under a hot Northern Territory sun have come to an end with Brisbane’s Troy Lum and Deb Nicholl crowned champions of the Run Larapinta Stage Race today. Unseasonably hot temperatures in the 30’s meant the third running of thefour-day, four-stage trail running race along the most spectacular sections of the Larapinta Trail near Alice Springs was the toughest edition in the race’s history. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 23, 2019

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7 running tips for new triathletes

7 Top running tips from triathlon coach Matt Dymond, designed to assist new triathletes. Read More

Clock Posted Jan 22, 2019